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   Dúo Fauaz - Pesce      Tango y Folklore                    









 A passionate pursuit of their roots and of a sense of belonging, of different colours, words and intentions brought together two Argentine musicians, Miguel Pesce and Pablo Fauaz in 2010.
All two members of this group have established extensive professional careers as musicians in the most important national and international festivals, playing their music in Switzerland , the Netherlands , Greece , Germany , Belgium , Italy , France , Denmark , the United States of America and Canada .
Their high respect for tradition, and their tireless search for the right chord and sensitivity are essential to their artistic work.

La intensa búsqueda de sus raíces y del sentido de pertenencia, los diferentes colores, palabras, intensiones, unieron en el año 2010 a dos músicos Argentinos, Miguel Pesce, y Pablo Fauaz.
Cada uno de ellos ha transitado por un extenso camino musical, llevando su música a los más importantes Festivales de nuestro país, como así también en el exterior ( Suiza, Holanda, Grecia, Alemania, Bélgica, Italia, Francia, Dinamarca, Estados Unidos y Canadá). La incansable búsqueda del sonido en cada acorde, la sensibilidad y el respeto que se merece nuestro pasado, son primordiales en su trabajo artístico.
Migue Pesce y Pablo Fauaz se presentan en un original formato de guitarra y guitarrón criollo expresando un particular color en sus sonidos como también en la incorporación de la voz en algunas obras haciendo hincapié en las letras compuestas por los poetas latinoamericanos.

Miguel Pesce

Lead Guitar and music teacher in Argentina (Tango and Folklore)
In its new tour of European countries, 2011, will present his new album "Strung on Footprint" where the performer evokes the wide musical tradition of their country. The artist is Auspice by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina. He has been invited in several opportunities to take part in Internacional Festival of “Guitarras del Mundo” by Juan Falú and the National Secretary of Culture, as well as he has been chosen to take part in the program of “Bares Notables Históricos de la Ciudad”. In his two trips to Europe he made performances with Rubén Russo in the principal cities of Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Greece, Italy, and Luxemburg, introducing the CD of Tangos and Milongas called “Vieja Casa”, Of special interest were, specially, the concerts he made in the University of Music of Bremen, Cervantes Cultural Center of Hamburg, EMOMA (Europa Museum of Modern Art). The Le Pont (Bruselas) Cultural Centre as a charity concert to help a children’s home “La Casita”(Bahia Blanca, Argentina) “Oaxaqueña home” a project to help children in México and “Odin Theatre in Holstebró (Denmark).He is a founding member of “Cuarteto Monserrat” with Vicente Correa (ex guitarist of Alfredo Zitarrosa), Gustavo Nasuti and Jorge Mazaet. This group was essential and of great importance on his artistic career because it has made him enhance and deepen in the way and rhythms of Argentinian Music with them he performanced in several concert halls in Buenos Aires, in the concert hall “Zitarrosa” in Montevideo, Uruguay. With this group he also made two cds, having Juán Falú and Silvia Iriondo as a special invitation in one of them. He has a diploma in the Conservatory “Juán José Castro” (Buenos Aires) where he studied under the supervision of Victor Villadangos. He has also finished his studies in the College of Popular Music of Avellaneda with Armando Alonso (specially in Jazz) and he has studied with Rubén “Chocho” Ruiz and Anibal Arias in Tango. He works as a guitarist teacher in Institutions dependant of Artistic Teaching of Buenos Aires Province Direction.


Pablo Fauaz

PABLO FAUAZ was born in Morón, Buenos Aires , Argentina , in 1974. He taught himself to play the guitar at the age of 8 with his father’s help, also a guitar player of peñas (folklore circles) from Cuyo, in the west-central region of Argentina . Pablo started his formal training and graduated from the Conservatorio Provincial de Morón. To improve his guitar and composition skills, he later studied with Quique Sinesi, Armando Alonso, Eduardo Isaac, Juan Carlos Cirigliano y Lito Valle. He worked and collaborated with musicians like Mateo Villaba (Ernesto Montiel’s guitarist), Bartolomé Palermo (Nelly Omar’s and Edmundo Rivero’s guitarist), Juan Barrueco, Ruben Ferrero, Eduardo Tami, among others. He performed and made arrangements for Reynaldo Martín, Juan Darthes, Marcela Gargia, Oscar Toledo, Ruben Guerra, Mónica Balvi and Eva Bruna. He went on international tours of the USA , Peru , Brazil , Chile , Uruguay and Canada where he gave concerts and teaching




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